Today May 20th, 2014 the guy Monrabeatz & Black Birdz got the TDR Essential Tracks.
The amazing tune "L.O.O.P & Anderson Beher - Get My Soul (Monrabeatz & Black Birdz Remix)" was featured as TOP #07 in the Famous Deep Room Chart.

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Influenced by hip-hop since childhood, Ramon Chamberlain aka "Monrabeatz" began his producing career in mid-2008, when by the influence of friends, started producing RAP beats. In 2009 had his first contacts with parties and E-Music and with producers of the scene, soon created a passion for the genre, turning into regular in the Clubs and parties around Curitiba Brazil. But in 2011, Ramon produced his first tracks of e-music, mixing his knowledge as a beat maker, creating a unique style to his tune, joining the essence of hip hop with the excitement of e-music, resulting in incredible productions with lots of identity.

The Black Birdz project began in mid 2012 when Álvaro Cintra and Lucas Teixeira (producers and musicians) called Jazon Mormello (Instrumentalist) to try a new style of sound - focused on arrangements, harmonies and melodies differentiated. Venturing between Indie Dance, Nu Disco and Deep House, the trio always tries to innovate and vocal timbres, and use beautiful and striking melodies, often organically recorded with strings, keys and controllers. Surely there is still much to be expected from the trio, which evolves with each new production.