Vintage Music Label proudly presents the single of our big boss Stark D. "Vollmond" is a song that fuses all feelings with a sequenced Bass giving the fundamental characteristic of a melodic Techno. With a unique and engaging melody, Stark D explains that it is a track that brings the feeling of change, growth, discovery and freedom. Inspired by big names like Gui Boratto, Stimming and Solomon, Stark D is ready to show his own musicality and style. So don't worry he will make sure to give you goose bumps. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning.


Throughout his childhood, STARK D had his bag packed full of classic vinyls. From being brought up on legends such as BB King, Pink Floyd, AC / DC, among others, his passion for vinyl lead him down the path of world dance music.
In 1998, STARK D was playing house parties and underground venues in the scene, developing a respectable reputation.
Being able to play guitar, keys and DJ; producing was an inevitable step. Dedicating 7 years to producing house music, STARK D's reputation reaches São Paulo, where international DJs would often play his tracks as part of their own set. However, STARK D's reputation didn't stop there!
Moving to the UK - Peterborough, in less than a year, STARK D was recognised as an international DJ. BAR BLOC, an underground club with its own reputation, instantly made STARK D a resident DJ. Diego surprises DJs and music lovers wherever he goes and his display of charisma and character had him playing alongside great British and Brazilian DJs.
Brazil has a phenomenal reputation for house music, STARK D is a part of that reputation.


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