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Great DJs are distinguished by having the ability to bring together a number of unique qualities. Technique, musical knowledge, diverse repertoire and a correct reading of each track are usually some of the features that highlight the best artists. The Brazilian Fabricio Pecanha is a rare case in which all these qualities add up to the intangible yet: besides having everything you would expect of a great DJ, his presence and charisma make your presentations true experiences are considered capable of transforming sets in legends and transform the dance floor full the condition of fans. 

Fabricio was a pioneer in the national electronic music, more specifically in his hometown of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil. He began playing professionally in the early 1990s in the embryonic stage of the state's stronghold, the Fim de Século Club. Soon began to stand out in the then new scenario of Brazilian DJs. 

With a few years of career Pecanha already toured through countries such as Argentina, United States and Mexico, and is a constant presence in major clubs and festivals in Brazil. It was one of the only DJs to be present in all editions of the festival "Skol Beats Festival", the largest electronic music event in the history of Brazil. Has performed at massive festivals like SWU, Planeta Atlântida was also the first Brazilian to perform at Creamfields Festival / Argentina, festival fundamental to the Latin American scene importance. In Porto Alegre, founded the core "Re: existence", responsible for events that epoch in southern Brazil, the Fulltronic parties, besides being one of the founders of the club Spin. In Rio Grande do Sul, has been Awarded the most prestigious Brazilian DJ in the country in 2008, and in 2010 received the title of most influential figure in the 20 years of the state scene. 

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Fabricio Pecanha was one of the few Brazilians included in the list of the best DJs in the world by British magazine DJ Mag, and for five years was voted best DJ of Brazil in polls promoted by major Brazilian publications:  in 2008, 2009 Cool Magazine and 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011 in the House Mag Magazine 
Also performed at legendary clubs like Coccoon - Germany, Avalon - Los Angeles USA, and DC10 and Amnesia - Ibiza. China, Peru, Uruguay, Switzerland, England and Germany are among the countries where performed, in Brazil, is a resident of the musical temple "Warung Beach Club", home to constantly figure in the lists of the best clubs in the world. 

Perfectionist and innovative, integrating the trio LIFE IS A LOOP since 2005, one of the busiest and most outstanding projects of the Brazilian electronic scene in 2007 and snatched the prize Toshiba Planet Never Stop The Music. 

His productions since the beginning of his career stand out are gaining ground in the electronic music market. This time bringing an amazing EP named  "GANGSTA" to be released EXCLUSIVE on BEATPORT by us "VINTAGE MUSIC LABEL", 3 bomb tracks remixed by Dirty Harmony, L.O.O.P and Michel Moraes

Hypnotising crowds, influencing generations and especially captivating power of music. Fabricio Pecanha follows, for over a decade, building an inspiring story in the Brazilian electronic music.



2013 our first year in the music industry, we have seen a lot of prodigal sons of Vintage Music Label grow steadily in the global scene, joining new adventures and breaking some paradigms. This is the case of hyperactive FABRICIO PECANHA, who took the charts by storm with his amazing track "NIGHT LIFE CHILDREN" launched by " Moodmusic " and then again with the album "Silver Lining" , also released by " Moodmusic " making it one of the Brazilian favorites which later went on to release tracks and remixes. Vintage Music Label proudly presents, GANGSTA - EP . We could not wait to he debuting here, surely an exciting combination of 3 tracks! "Gangsta" finds the classic infusion House swigged battery with a distorted vocal Rap and a bouncy analog bassline, in his way, creating ups and building a global energy vibration. "Bad Boy" is the second track, also deep and intense with pulsating synth bass. "The Run" is a hit House and large key arrangements to involve any dance floor. If you have not checked this guy, you are surely missing out, here is your chance to hear.

Already supported by Amine Edge, APnS, CooLRoGRoX (CRX) aka The L.I.M. Project, Djonah Laforge, Eddie M, Fred Hush, Justinas Sadauskas, Leon, Nick Safado, Shlomi Biton, Stark D, Gorge, kolombo and many more...