by Stark D

RELEASE DATE: 05/08/2019


Vintage Music Label in partnership with Stark D proudly presents SUPER ASYMMETRY.

The album has 12 exclusive tracks diving into deep tech and melodic techno. Written with personal affection the melodies make you fall in love and challenged. The album also features the stunning vocals of the Brazilian singer Lunna on the track My Rain.

"Super Asymmetry” is an imprint of human behaviour and everyday life. At least once somebody out there, has felt or will go through the experiences portrayed within this soundtrack, here Stark D translates these experiences into melodies to bring awareness about mental health and encourage the power to seek help.

The artist breaks down the tracks titles and narrative of the album...

'Feel "Envy" and "Pride", feel like you are into an "Unknown Darkness" or think you are a "Clairvoyant" and know everything. Sometimes feel "Hope", or "Sense", be balanced (Libra) and have a "Relapse". Cry all over again because of the mistakes (My Rain) you have done, and realise we are not perfect (Super Asymmetry), and we are allowed to be on the "Nerves" sometimes, but also accept that sometimes, we are "Wrong".'

Songwriter: Diego Paulo Jacintho
Lyricist: Diego Paulo Jacintho
Singer: Luana Leticia
Artwork Credits: Carou Chiarelli
Mastering: Diego Paulo Jacintho